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Custom Wear

Dear Dorcas:

It is not everyday that people write real letters anymore, so what’s the occasion now? It is all about the jacket you made for me.

You have known me a number of years, and it is no secret that clothing is not something to which I give much thought. My daily selections are basically chosen by weather conditions, the occasion and/or type of work to be performed.

When I was much younger, any clothes looked good on me, as the years passed, this advantage dwindled away.
So, now, if my appearance is clean and clothes are appropriate, I’m satisfied.

A while back, while you and I were at the Amber Connection, I tried on your jacket. It felt wonderful –
even in my jeans!

(You remember the one? It’s a solid navy jacket – no adornments, nothing flashy, not even a button. But what it does have says it all. It is simple, classic elegance.)

Well, since that time, I have paired this jacket with a variety of slacks, blouses, shoes and jewelry. When I wear this jacket, I feel good, and it shows, too. Honestly I can tell! I find that I stand straighter, I feel more confident, I think there is even more grace in my walk?(maybe it’s the new shoes I got!?)

Who would have thought that a piece of clothing had so much power? Well, apparently lots of people know – I am just a late bloomer.

Thanks for everything,